Discografie 1979-1982

EMI Electrola 1C-006-32579 Single 1977

Sugar Time

A: Sugar Time

B: Join in

Telefunken 6.12662 AC Single 1979


A: Dolores

B: Las Vegas (play the game)

Telefunken 6.12837 AC Single 1979

Here comes the Queen

A: Here comes the Queen

B: The Airport is closed

Telefunken 6.24065 AO LP 1979


1. Here comes the Queen

2. Red Pepper

3. Bouzouki

4. Saturday-Inn

5. Poppycock-Rock

6. The Airport is closed

7. Dolores

8. Coffee with cream and sugar

9. Boomerang-Jack

10. Las Vegas (play the game)

11. Black Boots

12. Rolling River

Telefunken 6.12802 AC Single 1980

Dolores (deutsche Fassung)

A: Dolores (deutsche Fassung)

B: Rolling River

Telefunken 6.12837 AC Single 1981

Song of an Island

A: Song of an Island

B: On the Rocks

Telefunken 6.12971 Single 1981

An Angel comes from Heaven (Frank Ford & Rockefeller)

A: An Angel comes from Heaven

B: Dreamy Eyes of you

Telefunken 6.13042 AC Single 1981

Lied einer Insel

A: Lied einer Insel

B: Lied einer Insel (instrumental)

Telefunken 6.24572 AO LP 1981

Song of an Island

1. Song of an Island

2. An Angel comes from Heaven

3. It's a long way to Hawaii

4. Good time for Lovers

5. A Sunny Day

6. Jolly Bird

7. Speaking Drums

8. Dreamy Eyes of you

9. Chin-Chin (A girl is a Gimmick)

10. Like in the Movies

11. On the rocks

12. Trumpet call

Telefunken 6.1310 Single 1982

Good Time for Lovers

A: Good Time for Lovers

B: Chin Chin

Polydor 2042 441 Single 1982

Arrivederci, Claire

A: Arrivederci, Claire

B: Adios Amor

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